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I need help correcting a mistake i made, I accidentally installed adobe flash player for windows vista 32 & 64 bit. I have a laptop with windows 7 home premium service pack 1 with internet explorer 9 also 64 bit browser. Im also not educated enough about browsers but I found out that i have 2. So now im confused & have had problems cuz of this so now I connect through start menu & click on internet explorer 64 bit otherwise i run into problems connecting, if i click on the e on the bottom of my screen then it doesnt go to my google home page and it doesnt display internet explorer at the top of my screen, I dont know why this is & dont understand it or know what that browser is called. All i know is if i have two browsers which i dont want, then that creates other problems with this adobe issue. I did alot of research & have also tried all troubleshooting solutions & no luck. In my control panel it shows adobe 32 bit but i need 64 & have tried to install it and the first 8 times it showed it installed but my game sites say i need to install adobe. Now when i try & install the correct adobe flash player 11.1...... it wont install & keeps telling me to close internet explorer so i do and it wont finish installing. So I figure its cuz i need to uninstall the 32 windows vista for 32 & 64 bit. I cant find anywhere where it says how to do this. Again I have windows 7 not vista, i goofed big time. By the way i did turn off my Norton when installing(firewall)
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  1. Hi,

    If you click on an "e" at the bottom of your screen and it brings up a web browser, that'll be Internet Explorer as well. You may just have two different versions of it installed on your laptop (IE 8 and 9). Click on the one at the bottom and see if you can find out which version it is. Sorry, I'm not too familiar with IE, but on Version 9 for example you can left-click on the gear-icon in the top-right corner of the browser and select "about". It will tell you which version it is, and if it's 64bit it will indicate that right next to the version as well.

    If you want to uninstall Flash, click on Start and in the right column click "Control Panel". In the window, under "Programs", click "uninstall a program". Double-click on Adobe Flash Player plugin and follow directions to uninstall.

    Launch Explorer and go to
    to re-install flash. It should detect your browser and offer you the correct version.
  2. thats the problem whats wierd is its not showing under programs, well it is now but not the same one. Before it didnt list it and i could only find it in the control panel list but not under programs & now the new adobe that i was wanting in the 1st place is now listed in programs and the other version the 32 bit is only listed in the control panel. So 32 is the one i dont want and is for vista and the one i need just finally appeared in control panel but cant be found anywhere else. So thats why i cant delete the 32 because it doesnt show in the programs to uninstall---wierd ha?
  3. tazbo68 said:
    thats the problem whats wierd is its not showing under programs, well it is now but not the same one.

    Huh? lol... that's confusing.

    I don't believe Flash Player shows up in start > programs. It only shows up in the control panel's list of installed software. It also typically installs in both 32 and 64bit versions... I'm curious where you downloaded it from... did you try the link I posted?
  4. Ummm... windows 7 64 bit comes with both 32 bit and 64 bit internet explorer, which is why you have two icons for it. Depneding on which version you have set as default will dictate where flash gets installed. Since most stuff on the Internet is 32 bit, you are better off using the 32 bit browser. Not to mention, most browser plugins are still 32 bit only though more are coming out with 64 bit versions.
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