what size memory modules should i use?

ok, i just found out today that the new SiS648 chipset will support DDR266 in all 3 memory banks, but will take DDR333/366/400 in only 2 memory banks (correct this information if it is wrong please...). this leaves me in a bit of a dilemma, seeing as how my near future upgrade includes a board that uses this chipset. i plan on getting DDR400 memory from either Samsung or Corsair. i want a large enough amount of RAM to be able to handle winXP as well as a number of 3D games. but i have also heard that the actual size of the memory module plays a significant role in the performance/stability/overclockability of memory. for instance, in my last upgrade (my PIII 700E @ 1GHz) i purchased 2 128MB Mushkin PC133 rev3 DIMMs instead of 1 256MB DIMM. it was recommended by a number of people here in the forums when i made this upgrade for performance reasons. is there a recommended size DIMM that i should consider as far as the two brands of memory i am looking at right now for my P4 upgrade?

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  1. Dude, 512MB will be enough for most people for a few years, why not just get two 256MB DDR400 modules? BTW, you can get DDR400 speed exactly even with current boards by using the 3:4 FSB/RAM multiplier at 150MHz FSB, since you're overclocking.

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