Can i use my wireless router with a bad internet port

It seems in a lightening storm last night, my internet port on my Linksys Router got fried. The light stays on with nothing plugged into it and I get no internet. Already tried hard reset. Internet works fine. Can I make a lan port work for the internet? How can I share internet with this router another way?
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  1. If the WAN (internet port) is fried, that's the end of the router, at least for those purposes. The only other option would be if your router supported third party firmware (dd-wrt, tomato, openwrt, etc.). In that case, you could reassign the WAN to one of the LAN ports and continue as normal.

    There's nothing all that special about the WAN port compared to the LAN ports, at least physically. It's the firmware that *logically* assign responsibilities to those ports, and therefore could be used to reassign them. BUT, you're not going to be able to do that w/ the stock firmware, it's not an option.

    Just another in a long list of reasons ppl turn to third party firmware. It gives you tremendous flexibility and options. Of course, the downside is the complexity involved and the need to learn to deal with it.
  2. Great! Yes I was able to add dd-wrt and once I had that, reassigning the port was pretty simple. :) I think my router has better signal now than it did before lol.
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