Cant find the Halo Costume Edition Product key! pleas Help..

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Ok can somebody help me!? Im like fond of i live in place where
you cant buy the halo games in the store! So I downloaded Halo Costume
Edition and i dont have a Somekind of Product Key.

If I instatll the Halo, it will be asking like this: In the boxes
below,type your 25-character Product Key << so i want to know who is going
to help my with that part!

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    Joseph Bernard via wrote:
    > Im like fond of i live in place where you cant buy the halo
    games in the store!

    If you're that fond of the game, why did you choose to live in a place
    where you can't buy it?

    Thank God for mail order and online shopping.
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    On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, "Joseph Bernard via" wrote:

    you downloaded an illegal pirated stolen copy of halo! that is a crime!
    please delete immediately the files you have downloaded from your pc!

    if you don't have a pc game retail store near by you must resort to
    other means but never stealing! never resort to crime! never!

    i would try and help you more but i smell rotten and i bet you are a
    lying low scum thief! so go away before we call the authorities!

    post made in a steam-free computer
    i said "NO" to valve and steam

    against steam campaign

    steamwatch - independent observatory about steam

    please sign petition "Say NO! to Steam!" available at:

    what steam does to pc gamers in a million word worth picture:
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