ATI X1650 Legacy Driver issue

Here's the story: I'll start with when I installed Windows XP. My ATI X1650 worked fine when I downloaded the latest drivers from the ATI website. (at the time it was 8.11) Well, other then openGL. DirectX 9 worked fine on it but openGL had issues. I ended up installing the drivers on that came with it and everything was happy.

So, now on to Windows 7. I installed Windows 7 painlessly and everything was working fine. (It even recognized my card and dual monitors without a problem.) And then when I tried an openGL game openGL wouldn't work. So, I found my drivers from forever ago (8.11 which didn't work the first time...) and installed those. Poof, openGL worked. And then I hit my other problem. Aero didn't work now. So I went online to try and find a new driver and found that ATI had put my card on legacy support. (Basically Windows would ship with all the drivers my card would need. And it did, other than openGL.) So, I went to Device manager and had it check for an updated driver. And guess what, it wouldn't install the original Microsoft driver over my old one. (which I installed to get openGL working)

So basically I need to find some way to get the original Microsoft Windows 7 display driver to install over my old driver without uninstalling my old driver. (I've tried installing the newest ATI drivers (9.2) with support for my card and that didn't work.)
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  1. Download/install "Driver Sweeper" from

    Then reboot into the Safe mode (F8).
    Run Driver Sweeper in the Safe mode to remove your current display driver.

    FYI - You can't remove the driver when the Operating System is using the driver. By booting via the Safe mode, Windows has not loaded the driver you want to remove.

    After removing the driver via "Driver Sweeper", rebooting will cause Windows to install the Microsoft generic display driver.
  2. +1 gandalf!

    You can also use Driver Cleaner Pro v1.5! (Freeware)
  3. ATI x1650 is now classed as end of life legacy and not supported in Windows 7 WDDM v1.1

    You can use the older Vista driver WDDM v1, which should work ok, as the card doesn't have any fancy features.
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