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Hey guys, looking to replace my D-Link DIR-615 N300 router. Currently I have narrowed the list down to the following models:

Linksy's Wireless N Router E1200-CA
NetGear Wireless N Router WNR2000-100NAS
D-Link DIR -657 HD 1000 media router
Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N

All of the routers are on the budget end (under $50) and I am simply looking for a replacement, with some level of improvement of course. Anyways, currently the E1200 has the best online reviews followed by the buffalo and netgear routers. The d-link router received poor reviews, but that is because it was compared to routers at the $150 price range in which it seems it was not a competitor at all. In addition, I could always just repurchase the same router, however, I have heard people receiving issues with it's wifi. Any opinion as well as additional router suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Linksy's Wireless N Router E1200-CA then the Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N
  2. Do you think I should go with something better? I am looking to get service in the basement (the router is upstairs). It is approximately 50 ft. from there to where the router would be located. This would also include going through 3 separate floor/ceilings (laminate flooring). I was looking at the DIR-655 and the Asus RT-N53 (both at $70).
  3. I have a dir 825 that i love and the 655 is similar.
  4. Really? All reviews are stating that the DIR 825 was a disappointment and slightly overpriced with limited throughput when compared to others in that price range. I will do some further investigations. Thanks though :D
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  6. Your welcome!
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