Having issues with IO-PIR133 card and WIN 7 Fresh Install

I have a desktop probably about 1.5 years old. I decided to go with Win 7 and wiped all three of my drives. I have one SATA drive and two PATA drives (the PATA drives are connected to a PCI PIR133 RAID card as my mobo only has one slot for a PATA ribbon which I am using for optical drives).

I installed Win 7 successfully on the SATA drive (I had the PATA drives disconnected during the initial install). I need to install another copy of the Win 7 OS on one of the PATA drives - I use this as a stripped version to do maintenance, etc.

I plugged the PIR133 card into the PCI slot, disconnected the SATA drive and tried to install the Win 7 OS on the PATA drive - I was prompted with a driver upload for Win 7 which I installed the driver that came with the card. Windows prompts to which partition i want to install (after creating the 100 mb systems partition). I try to install to a partition and get an error - several times in fact. I'm thinking maybe the drive is crap, so I pull the drive and install the PATA drive in another desktop - this desktop has multiple PATA connectors so I did not need to install the PCI RAID card as I needed to on the first system. Windows 7 installs perfectly on the drive. Hmmmmm....

I put the drive back into the first desktop, via the RAID card and try to boot, I get to the startup screen and then it craps out. I have no idea what is going on. It seems it has something to do with the RAID card??? I went into the BIOS and disabled the RAID option - I don't want a RAID configuration, I just want to be able to use the two PATA drives I have.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. - Here is the manufacturer link I have been using, driver, etc. (my system is a 32bit Win 7) -

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  1. try these drivers. one is for RAID, one for 32-bit, and the other for 64-bit

  2. Thanks! Will try that. If that does not work, looks like I will be picking up a couple of SATA drives...
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