Cant install windows 7 Premium to Homebuilt Computer

I have built my own pc and i know it works and all that but when i insert the disk for windows 7 Prem i get as far as to select drivers to be installed. It says no drivers were found and i dont know what to do at this point. thanks all
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  1. what kind of hard driver?

    can you see the hard drive being detected in the BIOS?
  2. What kind of motherboard?

    Did you plug in all the SATA drive cables: 1 power, 1 data?

    To what port on the mobo: Intel?
  3. In a modern machine you should not be prompted for drivers during installation, unless you are trying to install to a RAID array.
  4. Might be trying with AHCI set on also so if you got a disk with your MB you should have the drivers for AHCI or RAID on it and can go ahead and install the driver during OS install or go to the vendor site for the MB and download the correct driver. Its either that or you got hardware issues.
  5. I have a ASRock mobo and i know everything is plugged in right, the hardrives are not coming up at all, it wont let me install my mobo driver at OS install, unless im doing it wrong
  6. What kind of driver am i looking for? if i uncheck the hide drivers that are not compatible with my hardware a bunch of them come up
  7. Does it already have an operating system on it?
  8. 1) just use a single hard drive for now. unplug all other hard drives

    2) make sure the SATA connection being used is set to AHCI (in BIOS). If in doubt, probably use the Intel one (seem motherboard manual)

    3) Windows installation should not require any drivers now.

    *Motherboards can have several different SATA chipsets (Intel, Gigabyte, Marvell). It sounds like you either have things set to RAID or Windows does not contain the drivers.

    If you're still having issues:
    - read the motherboard manual
    - try the hard drive in EACH of the SATA chipsets, start with Intel's first
  9. I have a similar issue, I had Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit installed, I up'd my memory from 2Gb to 8Gb, formatted and started over, decided to use my legal copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit and it said press any key to boot from cd, did and during the first process of installation it said could not find driver and would not continue with installation. (Bios was also updated but all settings restored to previous state). Thought this weird and rechecked settings, retried, same error. I then inserted my legal copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and pressed key to continue and it went through the process with no issues and installed. (nothing changed in Bios). This could be and issue where home premium does not have the driver for the SATA port drivers for this motherboard but I didn't really care, just used ultimate any way. I have an Asus M4A77TD, nothing fancy..., so when it looks for drivers, make sure you have the drivers from the cd on a USB key and try accessing them when it first starts up and says press F2 for drivers, F6 for ....., find the drivers on the USB key and see if that works.
  10. do i need to install the stuff from my mobo disk first or do the OS first? there is currently no OS on this device
  11. Have you tried actually hitting F2 for drivers and pointing to your ICH driver for your particular motherboard? I have seen certain mobo / harddrive combos just not like each other unless you tell it to load the native ICH.
  12. whenever I put the ASRock disk in it says generate serial ATA Driver Diskette? [Y/N]
    no matter what I press it reboots and starts all over
  13. F2 is not for drivers on mine. when i start my computer i get an ASRock Screen with F2 or DEL as run UEFI Setup, F11 for boot menu, F6 for instant flash, and TAB to switch screen. But it disappears after 3 seconds and tells me to insert boot media. I am just really stuck and dont understand what to do
  14. cadams - You need to install the OS first, drivers mean nothing unless they are giving an OS instructions. When you put the Windows DVD in you need to let go until it says boot media, or boot off DVD or whatever and go into the Windows setup and let it make a primary partition and a quick format and install.
  15. Ok, I think the problem is with my hard drive itself. I think I'm going to have to replace it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good hard drive?

    *** I have the thermaltake level 10 gt case which has 5 hard drive bays with built in ports, so any hard drive with a good amount of space that is compatible would work fine. Also, I will be using this computer to play video games a lot, like skyrim, SW:TOR, WoW, and others of those types.

    Thanks everyone.
  16. Are you getting the Windows Installation part, and no drives are available to install them on?
  17. Are your drives visible on your Bios?
    Are the drives NEW? Are they formatted?
  18. No to all. I know the problem is my hard drive. I need a new one, any suggestions
  19. Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB-1TB, or F4 2TB.

    Else Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB - 2TB.
  20. go with at least a 120 gig SSD Crucial has the best reviewd and perfermance but ive had issues in using for others ive got a vertex in mine with no issues but the Crucial M4 or a samsung or intel are really great options. Ive used crucial for upgrades for others
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