Best way to get internet (through coaxial convert, or wireless card?)

So i'm purchasing my custome pc parts today, but I almost forgot.... I don't have any hard lines to LAN in my bedroom :(

Is there a way I can use the coaxial cable in my room to convert it into a LAN connection?
Or should I just buy a wireless pci card?

My mobo is the ASrock Extrmeme4 Z77, but i dont think they have added wireless capabilities to motherboards yet. (ive ben out of the biulding PC's game for a while)

please help!
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    wireless would be the cheaper way to go but it depends on the distance to the router.

    there are MoCA adapter for COAX

    or there are Powerline adapters that could be an option
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  3. Ok thanks! It looks like i'l be going with a wireless pci card.

    If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated, but until then, i'll just be doing some research!

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