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I am working with a 350W Antec power supply, an Athlon XP 1.53 Ghz Chip, GF4 Ti 4600 video card w/ 128MB DDR. When I attempt to power on the computer all that happens is the case fans turn about 1/4 of a revolution. I have to unhook the ATX power and hook it back up to get the fans to even turn again. I've tried a new motherboard, a new power supply, and a new processor chip, but I have had the power supply tested as well and it works fine. Any light someone could shed on the matter would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
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  1. The only thing you can possibly do from there is to clear the CMOS and try again. You can clear the CMOS simply by looking for the correct jumper listed in your mainboard manual (it's also sometimes referred to as clear RTC, clr_RTC, clr_CMOS, etc). Then switch the jumper to the correct position. Alternatively you can look for the round watch battery in your mainboard, take that out and wait 60 seconds. Then put it back in and try again.

    If none of this works, then there are only two possibilities I can think of.

    1. Your processor is incompatible with your mainboard.
    2. Either your motherboard or CPU is damaged. Get them both RMA'd and make sure you are discreet about telling them that you know that one or both may be damaged but have no way of testing so you want them to test it for you. This means that if they test it and it turns out that the processor is fine they will most likely send it back to you and get you a new mainboard. But if the processor is bad and the mainboard is okay then they can send you back your old mainbaord and get you a new processor. I had this same problem, and I too RMA'd both my processor and mainboard. In the end it turned out to be my mainboard. Once I got a new one it was perfect.

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  2. Might also check to see if you have extra stand-ups under your MB that are shorting to ground.

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