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how do i connect my kindle to my router
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  1. I'll try to help,
    Based solely on experience using a Kindle 3 w/ keyboard;
    -at your home screen you want to press your menu button
    -arrowing down till you hit settings and pressing the 5-way button in
    -in this menu you should see a section called Wi-Fi settings (if not shown press your next/prev page buttons), arrow down to it and press your 5-way button
    -here you should see your network/router, arrow down to it and press your 5-way button
    -next open your keyboard if it is not a keyboard model (sorry no real detail here) and enter your password, finish by arrowing over to submit and pressing your 5-way button in.
    -to return to your home screen keep hitting your back button

    Sorry if I was too detailed, was unsure of your skill level with the kindle. Meant no offense.
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