2 Routers at once

I have got a windows 7 Home Premium PC and I have 2 routers.
I have: Huawei E586 and it has a very good upload but a bad download.
I also have a BT HomeHub 2 and it has a good download but awful upload.
I am wondering is their anyway to share these two internet connections and use one for a dedicated upload and the other for a dedicated download?
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  1. For all practical purposes, no. Windows (like most other OSes) picks one of those routers as your exclusive internet gateway. And once it has, it doesn't matter if you have a second or 50 more. It ONLY uses that gateway for all internet bound traffic.

    Of course, if you wanted to bind machines to specific routers according to their usage characteristics/patterns, you certainly could. But that assumes those usage characteristics/patterns are fixed (probably not a good assumption). And it places your computers on different networks, complicating resource sharing.

    About the best you could do is use a multi-WAN router. Connect each ISP to one of the WAN ports and configure the multi-WAN router to optimize traffic. So you might, for example, be able to force certain machines through a preferred ISP, perhaps based on IP or MAC address, protocol (e.g., torrent vs. http), even time of day. It just depends on what features the multi-WAN router offers. But at least that way all your computers use a single router (the multi-WAN router) and remain on the same network.
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