How do i get free wifi with connecting to the internet on my phone

Hello, I am just wondering hoe do i get free wifi for my phone with out connecting it to my internet?
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  1. Can someone reply me fast because i really need HELP!!!!! Thanks..
  2. josie100597 said:
    Hello, I am just wondering hoe do i get free wifi for my phone with out connecting it to my internet?

    Can someone reply fast because i really need HELP!!! Thanks....
  3. Go to a wifi hotspot.
  4. Right on ^
  5. How to get wifi through your phone without connection to the Internet:
    Essentially, you really can't unless you have this through your phone provider. In many cases, the phone providers have disabled these functions unless you pay an additional cost. As an example, Blackberry will do this on AT&T for a cost. This is called a "Tethering" function. You can also do this with an I-Phone with a similar connection and function. There are ways around this by "Jail Breaking" the phone or paying someone to do this for you, but this will usually void the phone warranty. While you can do all of these, unless your on an unlimited data plan, this is going to cost as it uses your data plan to transmit and receive the data. If you are simply refering to the capablity of your phone to access the internet, you have to enable it on the phone. If the phone has the capability, you would need to look at the manual to figure out how to turn it on. Again, you would also need to have some type of data plan to use this functionality. On the new plans and phones, the provider requires you purchase a data plan with the phone if it has this capability. Bundling and requiring this as a purchase is illegal under several of the FCC guidelines and regulations, but the phone providers, sellers, and others choose to ignore this unless someone gets in their face and tells them so. Besides, who would want a phone without a data plan, right?
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