Best wireless adapter?

Which is the fastest wireless card? Since the back of my computer faces away from my router, I was looking at a Centrino Advanced-N 6205 for desktop. My computer is 50 feet and 1 floor away from my router. It would be very hard to put an ethet cable to my computer. However I might consider it if ethernet is at least 200 mb/s faster. Other adapters I was looking at were the ASUS PCE-N53 and D-Link DWA-556 Xtreme. Does anyone else have any recomendations? I would like to go with the centrino because it has lots of feature and can be put in front of my computer giving me a better signal.
Edit: I just saw this ASUS EA-N66 450 mbs and it plugs into your ethernet port so I can put it anywhere. But my router is only 300 mps so would that extra speed make any difference? I could but a 450 mps router to keep up with the adapter.
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