Wireless network setup solution for your advice

Hi, I want to setup wireless network and need your advice. I attach with a diagram.

I'm a photographer and I need to setup a network for 2 laptop that link to 1 printer and 1 projector for event and wedding at hotel reception and ballroom. 2 photographers will be walkaround between the reception and ballroom to shoot and wifi back to 2 laptop for printing and projecting. There will be heavy human traffic and the brick wall and door are insulated. The reception is 100 by 50meter and the ballroom is 100 by 100meter.

My concern is to have a wireless router that can penetrate the sound insulated wall to reach the extender, the range extender can provide further distance 100 to 200 meter. Wireless Access Point will not work because the door gap is so small even not enough for the cat5 cable to go underneath to the wireless router. A repeater that can travel 100 to 200 meter.

Is there any product that can meet such setup situation?

Here is the camera wifi device that I'm using:
It transmit up to 100 to 150meter.

Thank you.
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