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Every time i try to print my pix after uploading them on my Windows 7 PC, i get an error stating there's a Zb Module error, however it DOES NOT state what the error is......PLEASE HELP ME
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  1. check to see what printer is the default printer. in printer set up. if it the printer your trying to print to it may be the program that your using to open your photo. you can try paint and then try to print or use gimp (it free). if it not the photo program then go to the printer man web page and try updating the printer drivers.
  2. ZB has a subdirectory called Database, where the DBs are located ... I'm not shure, but I bet ZB doesn't delete this directory, when you uninstall it. When you then reinstall, the old databases will be in use again.
    I got this from dpreview.co*
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