Wired connection won't work or not recognized with new pc help!

Okay so I built my new pc today and installed windows 7 but haven't activated it yet obviously because I can't connect to the internet! I have a modem and a router and I plug my modem into my router then get another ethernet cord and plug it into my router and the back of my pc but windows doesn't recognize it and I can't install updates or drivers or anything!

Heres all the things I put in my pc:

gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3
pc power and cooling silencer mk ii 950w
gtx 560 ti superclocked
gamma classic series case
8gb xms3 corsair ram
western digital caviar blue 500gb

Do I need something else just to connect to the internet (wired)?!
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  1. Please help I really wanted to be able to start using my computer today but I don't think its going to happen unless I can connect to the internet. And if you have any questions ask me.
  2. Really no one knows anything? Please help :(
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