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OK.... so here we go again....

I know it has been ask before... I spend a lot of time looking for this with only few success, I google the snot out of it (literally) to only find 2-5 year old results... so I thought i'll give it a shot...

I am looking for a bandwidth control ("limiter" how ever you want to call it...) router by IP/MAC (home over business).... the solution I am looking is NOT QoS...

have any of you found a solution? any router?
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  1. Many new home/home business routers support that option.
  2. any specific one?

  3. Pick your favorite brand, go to their website, and check the specs. . .
  4. The problem you have is that you actually DO want QoS. This is what many of the platforms call this feature. What you actually want is called a traffic shaper but these specialized devices are so expensive only a larger company can justify them

    Many of the QoS implementations on consumer router have the ability to limit the traffic (ie police it) DD-WRT can do this but it is somewhat primitive.

    The next level up are using commercial routers. All cisco routers that run IOS have this ability. For a small business or home user the only cost effective way is to buy used equipment.

    Now if what you mean by bandwidth is some form of cap on data per month/week etc then you will need the traffic shapers. Of course if you can use a dedicated PC as a router there are free versions of all this software for ubuntu.
  5. Thank guys
    I really meant limit traffic size for each Ethernet port or IP/MAC... QoS will not work because it will still use more that the limit I want to apply.

    I know that on business router you can implement this feature. On a Cisco, for example, the command "bandwidth ####" on a interface will do the trick... but again... this are expensive routers, not for home usage...

    I emailed Cisco to see if their "smart routers" have this feature... but I didn't get any answer...

    so I don't want to get a router to find out that it does not have it... does any of you have a "smart router" from cisco?
  6. I don't fully understand. Do you want to limit the rate of traffic (mb/s) or absolute size (mb) of traffic (if so, per what)? QoS normally limits the rate of traffic.

    If you mean rate of traffic (mb/s) then QoS can in fact be used to enforce a hard limit which cannot be exceeded. Many free software routers uses OpenBSD's PF which QoS is described in I've used it to limit traffic.
  7. dd-wrt is awesome... that all i can say.... (( :D ))
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