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Hey y'all. I jus wanna know something. i have an 60gb hardrive partitioned to both 30 gb, so my c drive is 30gb adn my d drive is 30gb. well i have all my data on my d drive. and i wanted to know if i can put my 60gb hardrive into my new computer and transfer all my data from my d drive onto my new computers hardrive which is a 80gb. i know i would have to reinstall win xp on the c drive, because im settign up my 60gb as my primary master, but would i have to re partition and lose all my data on my d drive partition?
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  1. Nope. You shouldn't have any problems with that, unless there are programs or installations on it particular to your old C: partition config.

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  2. ok thanks for the reply. i am going to try it when i get my new computer and hope it works.
  3. btw... just reember that its best to have your OS on the fastest (newest) drive.

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  4. ok, thanks for the advice
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