Just upgraded laptop's network adapter, not connected

I have a Toshiba Satellite L455. I swapped out my old Network Adapter for an Intel 4965AGN Network Adapter. The drivers updated perfectly fine. The device manager says it functioning properly, but when it is enabled it just says "Not Connected". When I run the diagnostics, it says that I need to turn my wireless on. It is true that my wireless does not appear to be on, but when I press FN+F8, nothing happens. When I swap the old adapter in, the wifi is on automatically. I guess I should mention that there are only 2 antenna wires in the laptop, but 3 connecters on the adapter. I've read that doesn't matter. I've also tried switching the wires around, but that doesn't seem to help.

I am completely lost and would appreciate some help. thanks!
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  1. you cannot just switch the network cards in a laptop due to different PIN out of the network card. Also your motherboard will not recognize the NIC right and therefore the Fn+F8 will not work properly.

    the only save way to upgrade the wireless nic is using a USB wireless nic
  2. I understand what you are saying, but all of these site imply otherwise...




    I'm not saying you're wrong because I really have no idea, but there are 100s of websites out there that seem to be contradicting what you're saying.
  3. have you tried moving one of the antennas to the unused connection

    if I understand it right, two ports are for receiving and one port for sending
  4. I tried all of the 6 possible combinations, but it didn't help. I contacted the Amazon seller... hopefully they will be able to help.

    If anybody has any other ideas, though, I'd love to hear them. Thanks
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