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Hello everyone, I am having a issue with my computer to the point I am hitting my head the off (for real, I am). Anyway, I have small network, two computers and xbox that use the network. One of my computers can't get connect to the network at all. That computer uses a wired network interface card, and I use a wired network interface card not wireless like everyone does. My other computer is wireless and so is xbox. Reason I use wired network card, I get better results on wired than wireless card when I run my Iracing program.

Anyway what I have tried to get my computer back online is:
1. Replaced network cable
2. Used network interface card that is on motherboard. I have Realtek network card.
3. Tried updating the drivers
4. Updated the router.
5. Tried using ipconfig to release ip address and get another one. (that step did not work but works on my other computer.)

Am I missing something or did not try something. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know and thanks.

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  1. You have link lights on the network card? If you do an "ipconfig /all" command, what IP do you get? Have you tried a different port on the router? Check the TCI/IP configuration on the computer and make sure it's set to DHCP.
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