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windows 7, 32bit resolution is horrible. It is either too large to use or if a larger resolution, the screen is blotchy with black lines. We have an older monitor and computer (both Dell). What can I download to fix? Is it adapter card or drivers?
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  1. 32-bit is the color depth - leave it at 32-bit. Now try setting the resolution to 1024x768 (this is a 4:3 ratio typical for older CRT monitors). Let us know if this works because you may need to update the GPU drivers.
  2. try with 800 x 600 also check the monitor refresh rate & hardware acceleration
  3. It sounds as though you've not got any display adapter drivers installed, the Dell website should be able to help you out, if they don't have drivers for Windows 7, the drivers for 32bit Vista should also work.
  4. Get the latest device drivers for video chip& monitor from dell website& install them first!
    That itself will solve your problem!
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