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where is the game settings in nfs mostwanted and nfs mostwanted is not coming in full screen in my lap top.. can someone please help...
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  1. Did you try looking in c:\users\<your_account>. You may have to turn on "show hidden files".

    Also, some older games don't support some of the newer monitor resolutions since the higher resolutions didn't exist at the time the game was released. You may be able to change your video driver settings and have it scale to full screen, though this might make it look strectched.
  2. I know almost certainly that NFSMW has an in game option to change from full to windowed mode. I haven't played it in a while but im almost certain it does (2 playthroughs)
  3. Press "Alt + return" to go full screen
  4. Yup alt enter :)
  5. Heh, I didn't know they still included that function. Is it game specific? Only time I used it was for some legacy games way back.
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