Netgear dgn2200 losing connection! plz help!

Hi guys/girls, PLEASE READ HELP: I currently have a Netgear dgn2200 n300 wireless router (acts as a modem, you know all in one thing), and I have configured the settings on it so I can have an open nat type/port forwarded for gaming and so on. I have my xbox and the desktop connected to it via ethernet and my ipod and laptop connected wireless.

The problem is that the internet just drops out for a couple of mins every hour or so whether I or whoever is on it or not.
I have tried changing the cables and filter for the phone line but nothing has seemed to help. Occasionally when the internet drops out it doesn't come back on so I have to unplug the router and so on to get it to work.

It's just starting to get annoying getting disconnected so often especially when the router cost like $200 and is supposed to be good for gaming and stuff, and I can't seem to find out why or isolate the problem.
My internet download speed is fairly quick (I can get 1.5mb/s say when downloading a movie/hd youtube) and I get 70 GB a month.

Any more information which I haven't covered please ask I would love to get this fixed and well play Guild Wars 2 without getting disconnected every 20 mins :p. Thanks.
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  1. someone please help.
  2. please respond.
  3. Call your ISP. They'll be able to test your phone line for any faults.

    Also, can you get your hands on a spare/old router to check if it is the router that's causing the problem? Do you have any other issues with your phone line? (noise, crackling on the phone etc?) Have you tried connecting the router to the master socket? The master socket is normally the phone socket that is closest to your front door/ADSL line to your house.

    When you call your ISP they will probably ask these questions, so it helps to know before hand.
  4. thanks dude, already contacted the isp and everything was fine through them otherwise I wouldn't be posting here.

    Turns out it was probably a malfunction in the router like it was overheating because this morning it wouldn't connect no matter what (restored and restarted setup a number of times).

    Gunna replace it with the same model or an equivalent maybe D-link.
  5. Cool :) thanks for the update. I hope the new router works welk for you
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