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Latency Explanation Plz

Last response: in Memory
August 4, 2002 1:23:32 PM

I'd really appreciate someone explaining Latency to me. I understand the basic idea of what it is, and how it increases in a situation where you use 2 sticks instead of 1 for an equivalent amount of RAM, but what do all the numbers mean ? For example, I'm looking at buying some PC3200 Corsair RAM that:

"has been verified to operate at 200 MHz (2.5-3-3, 2T command rate) and 166 MHz (2-2-2,1T command rate)."

August 5, 2002 10:11:07 AM

generally, the lower the latency the better ie,faster preformance ram
for my mobo MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU i 've set my Legend pc2100 256mb to

Cas Latency = 2
Row Precharge Time = 2T
RAS Pulse Width = 5T
Ras to Cas Delay = 2T
bank-Interleave = 4Way
Burst Length = 4QW
SDRAM 1T Caommand = Enable

this is pretty much the fastest setting u can get, now u might not have all the functions in your bios, but just set what ever u can. and u have 2 change "Configure SDRam Timing" to "Usr" 1st inorder to change your ram setting.
August 5, 2002 1:27:35 PM

Does that satisfy what you are looking for or do you want an in depth look ate each of the settings themselves?

If you need more info...

First do a search on this community for "latency."

Second if you need more than what you find, reply here with additional questions.

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August 6, 2002 12:14:11 AM

Thanks for the help. I've been searching the web quite a bit and think I've got it figured out now.