Hi, I'm setting up my modem and router this week and I was just wondering what type of cables I need to use to connect the modem to the router and the pc to the router.
I currently have some tan colored cables that say "Category 5 enhanced blah blah blah Patch Cable. I think I'm supposed to use an ethernet cable to connect the pc to the router, but I'm not entirely sure what type of cable to use to connect the router to the modem. Is a patch cable an ethernet cable? Do they do the same thing?

Thanks for any hlep.
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More about which wires
  1. The router is wireless g and the ISP is brighthouse roadrunner if it matters.
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    For these purposes, a patch cable and ethernet cable are one and the same. You should be using at least CAT5, w/ CAT5e or better preferred (esp. if you have a Gigabit switch on the router).
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