power surge/DVD and CDRW drives are mising

Last night we had a power surge. When I booted up my computer, it didn't come on. I unplugged it from the surge protector, replugged, and it booted up. Then I noticed my DVD and CDRW drives were missing off the computer. The light is come on in the DVD and the door opens, it does neither with the CDRW drive. The drives are even missing from the DOS screen when it boots up. Does it appeared to be fried. I think I am going to open the computer disconnect/reconnect the drives. Thanks for your help!

This morning I opened the computer up and unplugged the cables to the DVD and CDRW, then I put them back in the drives and they were back in My Computer and in the Device Manager. So, I am back on track!
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  1. Well that was a simple solution to what could have been a disasterous problem, good for you.
  2. what kind of surge protector were you using?
    while good, they arnt entirely foolproof, allthough in your instance it probably protected your PC from being completely fried!

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