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Hi everyone.

I've just installed my new Virgin Media SuperHub and all was working well until i tried to connect the Sony TV's wireless dongle. It would find the network SSID but wouldn't connect despite entering the WPS Pin for the superhub. I then manually setup the Sony TV's wireless dongle and found the only options for security were WPA/WPA2-PSK (AES) or (TKIP). Looking in the SuperHubs settings i could only use WPS or AES so i selected AES and restarted the hub and TV but still nothing, but this time it also prevented me from connecting the laptop and desktop to the SuperHub. And now i can't access the Superhub's settings to change back to WPS. :(

Any ideas on how to revert the Virgin Media SuperHub back to it's default security settings and how to get the Sony TV dongle to connect with it?
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