best backup method...

what do you guys think the best file backup method is?
tape drive?
external hd?
burning to cds?

i want something affordable and i want it to be reliable and fast. i have usb2.0 as well as firewire ports. i want data integrity people!!! thanks.

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  1. CD/RW is the best for the home users theses days and probably the most economical as well. Tape drives are mainly used by servers and corporate companies who have a large amount of data. The external HDD are good as well, but the downside to them is that if you aren't able to boot into you OS, accidentially format the wrong drive, hit by a very distructive virus then you are hosed.

    <b>External HDD</b> - cheapest (if you already have the desigante free space)
    <b>CD/RW</b> - most economical
    <b>Tape Drive</b> - Expensive (best for large amount of data)

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  2. I think the best method is cdr/cdrw.

    - cheap and easy
    - limited space

    external hdd
    - fast
    - still pricy

    tape drives
    - lots of space
    - slow

    other methods:

    - lots of space
    - still pricy and slow

    zip, jaz
    - cheap
    - not too sure about reliability

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  3. Burning Dvd's is slow?

    2x is still 2400k/s. When you're hammering out 3.8gig, yeah it's slow. But it's still much faster than tape; and like burning a 16x cdr.

    I'd say cdr/rw if you're strapped for ca$h. Dvd+ if you're willing to spend more ca$h, for greater flexibility. Dvd+ media costs extra over Dvd- or cdr/w.
  4. With USB 2.0, an extrenal HDD is an option. Do you plan to take your backups to other system? If so, that's a good reason for one. Bear in mind, that a CD can also travel. :smile:

    One option you may not have considered is a cheap second internal HDD.

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  5. Yup, you cleared it up for me.

    When I said slow, the thing that crossed my mine was filling up the whole disc at once. Should've say fast compared to the others.

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