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I tried FS2002 last night and i think i have very low fps. I used the medium setting for graphics and at resolution 1024x768x32 i have 18-20 fps. At low detail and same resolution i have around 30 fps. Is this normal?

My system is:
AMD Athlon 1.4 overclocked to 1470 (140x10.5)
MSI Turbo-R (KT133A, 2.9 Bios, 4 in 1 4.33)
512 MB Ram
Leadtek Geforce 3 TDH (detXP 21.83)
WD 200BB ATA100 7200 rpm 20 GB
Soundblaster Live 1024 (live!ware 3.0)
350 Watt PSU
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  1. A friend of mine is getting it soon, I'll let you know when I find out how he's doing with it.

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  2. I don't think it's normal- why would they release a game that has problems running on a GF3!? Check your drivers, make sure you're not using FSAA and AGP is 4x. Also, which OS u got?

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  3. I have WinME. FSAA is off and AGPx4 is on.
    Here is a strange thing:
    I set up the details to high (it is the max auto configuration), enabled trilinear, mipmapping, shadows, lightning: 8 lights and all the options that it gives me and i changed the res to 1152 and 16 bit color and i have 25 fps (and even though its below the magic 30 it is smooth and very playble). When i change to 3d cockpit i have around 40 and when i use the in game FSAA (i think its 2x) i have 20. I think that the 2d cockpit does all the damage as the 3d options and textures, dynamic lightning shadows and all that stuff does not affect frame rate alot. When i change res or color depth the 2d cockpit i think is "lighter" and i have more fps. Way to go Microsoft!!!

    P.S. AMAZING graphics though!!!!!!
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