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I want to share files between my two home pcs. One is running win2k and the other is running win98. They are connected with a Netgear RT314 router. I am able to share my DSL internet connection, but I cannot share files. Here is how I have it setup:

Both boxes have the same username and password. They also have the same workgroup name (HOME). I gave the boxes different names though. Tylan-Wong(win2k) and Chill-Wong (win98). They both have NetBUI and file and printer sharing installed. Can you please help me out. I cannot see the drives in network neibourhood or My Network Places. I can only see the computers called "Tylan-wong" and "Chill-wong" on both computers. When i click on them, they are empty. To me, I should see the drives inside the "Chill-wong" and "Tylan-wong" places. I want to be able to access the drives. I have sharing enabled on the drives on both computers. Please help. Thanks<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by tibou on 08/27/01 09:46 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. The fact that you can see the other pc in network neighborhood is good- your almost there!, It sounds like you havent actuall shared any drives. on (say) the 98 box, right click your C: drive, and choose SHARING, then change it from "not shared" to "shared as", you should then see a hand appear under your C: drive, and be able to access it from the other box. if your 2k box is ntfs, you will have a lot of other sharing/security options- right down to individual file rights.

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