I need help with a double router setup?

We recently built a garage with a game-room on top. my normal wireless router will hardly reach into the room due to very thick walls with very good insulation (we play loud music and we didn't want it to get through the wall). I want to run an Ethernet cable from my room to it. The edge of my wall is only about 25ft from the edge of its wall and as long as I can get the router in there, I am sure the connection will be good throughout its 40x40ft. I need some suggestions on how I need to go about this?
I have a Linksys E3000 wireless router that I will use as the router in my house and I would like a suggestion on another good wireless router, a good modem, a good ethernet splitter , and a weatherproof 75-100ft ethernet cord.

I have looked through review and shopping website but I can't seem to find any reviews pertaining to my uses of the equipment. I am not very experienced with networking or networking equipment. :sweat:
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  1. There are lots of weather proof Cat5e or Cat6 cables out there. You should pay a visit to your local electronics supplies store, if you have one in the area. Check out their cable selection and get a spool (100 bucks or so for the shortest length spools), or get them per feet. You will need a crimper if you crimp the ends yourself, or get them to do it at an extra price. However, running the cable inside the house would be cheaper and shorter, I would think. Check to see if you have air ducts/vents you can use as routes to get cable through, or maybe relocate your current wireless center.

    Then, after that, it is easy, connect your router (whichever you want to use in the new room) to a computer, and configure it to not give out DHCP addresses, and set your other settings (wireless, etc). Connect this new router to the ethernet cable on the router's LAN port (NOT WAN), then connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the LAN port of the old router you are using. This sets up the new router in Switch/AP mode, and any clients connected to the new router will fetch all gateway/routing/DHCP/etc functions from your main router.

    If this isn't very obvious to you, try Googling setting up routers in AP (access point) mode, there should be some guides with pictures/drawings to help you visualize the setup.
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