Wireless card N-1030 running slow


I just bought a (HP  DV7  6C54EA)

In the laptop it has a  Intel (R) Centrino (R) Wireless N-1030

It really slow is there any other wireless card

Which is N rating ,   Which I can replace it with

I don't mind if it hasn't got Bluetooth 

Any advice would be appreciated

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  1. Is it running slow for everything or just a few tasks?
    Does it run faster in one location than in another doing the same work?
    Anyone else sharing the wireless network connection?

    Test the internet connection and see what results you get:

    I can't say I think replacing one N wireless card for another N wireless card is going to fix your situation.
  2. Thanks for reply

    When I download the speed is bout 25kbps

    Iv got bt infinity 2

    Otherwise the laptop is really good

  3. Setup a wired ethernet connection. Run the speedtest again.

    Get the best out of BT Infinity
  4. Thanks for ur help

    really appreciated it

    iv just ordered a intel N-6230 wireless card

    which has 2.4 + 5ghz also A,B,G,N rating

    the other card intel N-1030 has no A or 5ghz

    thanks again
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