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I have a windows server 2003 ent., with about 6pcs and a couple of macs. I don't want the server to connect to the internet, though every computer only has one network card. I want all the clients to access the internet but not the server. How do I set this up.

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  1. Manually configure the server's TCP/IP configuration w/ a static IP (which you probably should be doing already anyway) and simply don't specify a gateway IP. It can’t use the internet if it doesn’t know how to find it!
  2. Thanks for the reply, the gateway for the server is the IP address for DNS
    so that means that the server shouldn't get an internet connection
  3. That assumes the DNS server isn't also the router! In some cases, it might very well be the same machine (e.g., my dd-wrt router is also my local DNS server).

    If you don't want a machine to access the internet, it's gateway IP should not be specified!
  4. thanks again sorry for the confusion
    the Primary DNS Server is the ip address of the same server for network accounts no other DNS is listed
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