CD Burning/Reading Issue

Last night I tried to burn a couple Java IDEs to a CD
I was using Nero StartSmart with Data verification and Multi Session CHECKED.

while burning for the first time, the software showed that Burning Process Failed after doing 98% burning.
I tried to burn again but then the data 'burned' but it wasnt verified as the CD stpped spinning .
Third time, I just burnt the data without verification.

Burn process was successful but the CD was detected as EMPTY.
I took the same CD to my cuz's place and viola , the data is there.

What could be the problem?
I rarely use my CD burner so there is no chance of overuse.
It is a light-scribe supporting CD/DVD burner that came with my HP DV4-2126TX

Could it be that the optical drive doesnt support multi-session???
Help needed on this urgently!
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  1. LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±RW with Double Layer Support is the optical drive
  2. i would email or ask hp online support if there been a firmware fix for media or drive burning issues. if the drive as the right firmware i would try another burning software to see if it the software or the drive.
  3. Try imgburn. It's free and it's great software.
  4. but could it be that the drive doesnt support multi-session discs? I had read in Nero's help, I guess, that some drives do not support multi-session discs.
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