Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro = Sharp LL-T17A4 !?!?

I live in the US, probably the only way to buy Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro/DVI is through their own web site. The ProphetView 920 Pro is $499.99; it is expensive when compared with other 17" LCD monitors. The ProphetView 920 Pro DVI is way too expensive - $549.

I did some research and found that the Sharp LL-T17D4-B/H (D means DVI, lowest price around $430.00) and LL-T17A4-B/H (A means analog, lowest price around $400.00) are with identical specification as the Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro/DVI.

Sharp spec:

Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro/DVI spec:

According to Sharp’s Japanese site:
The LL-T17A4-B/H and LL-T17D4-B/H came out in Japan around the end of May and June in 2003. If Sharp does use Hydis OEM panel, it got to be a newer generation than the one in Hyundai Q17. The Hyundai Q17 doesn’t share the same spec as the Sharp LL-T17A4 or D4.

Hyundai Q17 Spec:

I sent email to Sharp and asked if it is using Hydis panel or not. The reply from Sharp technical support was "We make our own LCD's." It is possible that Sharp may not let you know what they use even it is an OEM panel from other manufacturers inside their LCD monitors.

Anyway, I ordered Sharp LL-T17D4-B (D means DVI) from newegg.com last Friday (12/26/2003) for $438.00 (including shipping). I just received it today (1/2/2004). This LCD is way better than what I used before. I have Samsung SyncMaster 957MB CRT and Samsung 171V LCD.

I connected the Sharp LCD and the Samsung 957MB CRT to my ATI Radeon 9600 Pro VGA card for dual display, so I can compare the picture side by side.

The pixel respond time is much better than the Samsung 171V, and UT2003 gaming is definitely better but is still not as perfect as CRT, I can't say there is no blur at all, just slightly a bit. As Tom’s review for Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro is 4 out of 5 stars only for playing UT2003, so this confirms the finding. The clarity and color are outstanding and even better than my SamsungSync Master 957MB CRT. The coolest thing about Sharp is, you can adjust the black level of the monitor. There are 4 modes for the display - Standard, office, sRGB, Vivid, so you can get instant adjustment for various levels of brightness, contrast and black level.

One thing that I trust about Sharp is their technology in making LCD display, they are the best LCD TV manufacturer now. They must have mature technology in making quality and stable LCD displays.

Sharp LL-T17A4-B and LL-T17A4-H (A means analog) are widely available in the US. If you search on www.pricegrabber.com, you will find dozens of vendors are selling it. However, the LL-T17D4-B and LL-T17D4-H are a bit difficult to locate, I just checked newegg.com and it is available again.

I hope someone can have a definite answer to Sharp and Hercules are in fact using the same Hydis panel. Or is it actually Hercules using Sharp OEM panel? I can’t even find Hydis OEM spec that is close to the one in Sharp and Hercules.

Hydis panel spec:

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  1. I am now using a DVI-D cable for DVI connection, the picture quality is better, text is crisp. Highly recommended. Keep in mind that using a DVI connection may not help in improving the pixel response time.
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