I\'m trying to connect 2 routers(1 DSL-1 Wireless) that both have the same IP ad

I'm trying to connect 2 routers(1 DSL the other wireless) that both have the same IP address. How do I change one of the IP addresses to eliminate this conflict, and which one?
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  1. the most likely candidate to change would be the DSL router.

    all you have to do is change the LAN IP
  2. usually i would just log into the router i wish to change the ip of and it will be in advanced settings somewhere i wouldnt know with your router though have a look or might say in the user manual
    all you need to do is type in your browser for eg then confirm your details usually
    username: admin
    password: admin
    but before you do this disconnect from the one you don't want to change
    hope this helps
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