Windows 7 freezes with weird display - New build.

Hi all,

This week, i put together a i7 2600K build, 16gb ram. But since then almost everyday once my computer freezes.
Just few mins back, i was watching a movie, and the system froze, with this display.. ANyone know what this cud be.

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  1. What GPU?
  2. No GPU yet. Using the default by intel. waiting for kepler to go down a bit. U think it cud be an issue with the gpu??
    Sometimes the hdmi does play foul with me... it looses the signal, and then i have to plug it out, and plug it back in to the mobo socket to make it work..
  3. Are your Intel graphics drivers up to date?
  4. yes the driver is current. Intel 3000
    v 8.15..10.2656
  5. Have you tried a different display and connection (DVI, VGA)?
  6. how will that help?? if dvi works.. does it mean that there is an issue with hdmi slot of the motherboard?
  7. Sometimes weird things happen and it helps to gain more information about the particular issue. If it does solve the problem, it is most likely to be a motherboard issue.
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