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I need some help please. I have got a 60gb SDD from which I boot my OS and a 1tb HDD which acts as my storage drive. Most things I can direct to the HDD, but occasionally I find that despite directing a program to install on my HDD (E: drive) its will install on BOTH the HDD AND the SSD (C: drive).

For example: I created a directory on the HDD into which I installed the game AION. I then checked my SSD and saw that it was almost full and that the game had not only stored on the HDD but also the SSD.

I would like to avoid this as my gbs are precious few (I have already optimized my SSD to get rid of un-needed clutter, etc.). I would like to understand the behaviour of these programs and also get your opinion on if its safe for me just to DELETE the AION folder from my c: drive (without having to go through the whole DL process again).

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  1. Where abouts on your C drive is it? it's likely to be your saved game files so I would't delete that lol. You can probably edit the registry to change where it stores the save files.
  2. What I can understand is that the OS would automatically create folders for savegames after you run them and also save caching files to run the game/apps quicker.Because it is the OS who does it then this things will be created in your OS drive, in this case, your ssd, but the installation files are on your second drive where you designated them to.
  3. its in program files (86x). This is not the only program that has behaved this way...So I am trying to understand the way a system "saves" items and if there is any other solution. I have read about playing with registry, but because I am still a techno-noob I hesitate to go this route....
  4. Tried uninstalling these apps, make sure you delete its folders once you uninstall it.Then make a custom install, make sure you select your second drive to see what happens..
  5. I actually do this already. I always try to custom install apps and that is the issue I am having: that I have items going to my c: drive (the SSD) despite custom installing them to my e: drive (HDD). I think essentially I just need a bigg boat...errr, I mean SSD. Upgrade time!
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