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Brand new DVDs that just won't play on a PC or PS2

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August 7, 2002 4:09:17 AM

OK, first off I *KNOW* that the PlayStation2 is a very clunky DVD player. In fact, the only DVD I have successfully played on it is Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and during that time I had no problems at all.
Anyways, a week ago, I bought a bunch of brand new DVDs to watch:
- Fight Club Collector's Edition
- Aliens Special Edition
- Goodfellas
- The Matrix
I started with Fight Club on my PC. Everything was fine for about a half an hour, and then the movie started to skip (I am using PowerDVD XP). About half a minute later, the movie stopped and I got an error saying "The disc may have been damaged so as to inhibit play."
Well, damn, it's brand new, right out of the packaging. I try it in the PS2, and it barely gets past the menus; during this time, I hear uninterrupted sound coming from the TV speakers, but a good 90% of the time there's no picture at all - just a blue screen. It flickers onto the movie for a second here and there, the sound still going fine, but no picture.
I try Aliens in the PS2 next, and get the same deal; menus are fine, and it flickers with uninterrupted sound during the movie. Strangely, the special features don't do this like they did on the FIght Club DVD, where it would also flicker when I tried to play the interview videos and such.
An hour later, I come back to my computer after playing some games, and pop in The Matrix. It starts. About 10 seconds later, before the menu finishes loading, it freezes right as I get a shot of Morpheus turning towards me, and gives me another "The disc may have been damaged..." message.
Examining the disc, there IS in fact 1 scratch on it. It's not very big, and it's not really even on the disc; it cuts across the center of the DVD (the clear part) and the chrome strip where the brand name and such is usually written, but stops dead right before it actually gets ON the disc.
I tried it again, and it froze about a second later than it previously had.
Then, I threw Goodfellas on. This was the worst of them all; the PS2 didn't want to play it at all, and not only did it freeze on the very first frame I tried to play it on in my PC, but it froze my PC altogether after I wiped it off and tried again.
I am probably going to return all of these if they do the same in a REAL DVD player.

Now, my real concern.
I just bought Fellowship of the Ring today, on DVD. Here's the results:
PC: I installed InterActual Player (Came with the DVD) and played it. The menu loaded up fine. After a couple seconds on the menu, it started skipping and giving me a bad picture; the sound skipped as well, as one might expect. So, I went back to PowerDVD XP, and it froze giving me the "The disc may have been damaged..." message again. I wiped it off and tried one more time, only to have it freeze right when the actual DVD menu loads up. Great.
PS2: The screen blanks out and flickers on and off while the menu is loading, and the movie pulls a Fight Club and flickers a whole hell of a lot.
I can't test any of these in a real DVD player until tomorrow afternoon, but from the looks of it, I may just have some bad luck with DVDs. Any suggestions? Like how to make the PS2 work (I'd like it to since it's right next to my bed and I can lie down while I watch), or what DVD Player to get for my PC? My current PC DVD player is a Pioneer 16x player, so it's not really old and crappy or anything, either...I'm just confused all to hell.

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August 7, 2002 2:40:49 PM

While I have seen (new) DVDs that are actually a bad print or something, with that many problematic discs I'd say it's something else. Most people that have problems with PS2s have issues with it transitioning/reading from the second layer, though some have problems with audio sync after a bit. Hard to say, but you definitely need to check out the discs on a standalone player.
A few things that might have some bearing would be power...try taking your PS2 someplace else in the house or wherever and playing it. Be sure that you didn't somehow get pirated DVDs, though it's pretty unlikely if you got them from any standard retail place. You could also just try cleaning your drives, depending on environment they could be pretty dusty. I think for the PC it may have to have the DVD drive in DMA mode, so check for that (some systems default to PIO mode only). You might also try reinstalling the DVD player to make sure no MPEG2 stuff got messed up, or looking up a different one to use ( has some good links in the tools section).
Hope you get it working though.