Keyboard is acting weird.

Hey guys. I don't know if this should be posted here or somewhere else, but I am having some strange issues with my keyboard. I just recently built this computer and before I had an OS on the system some keys didn't work.
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  1. Continued.. I didn't mean to hit First off, to install my windows XP i had to hit the F8 key. Needless to say it didn't work. I have checked my drivers and even bought a brand new keyboard and ran into the same problems. As of right now I can't use numbers 1-4 8-9 or any of my F keys. Key 5, and 6 work fine. Any ideas fellas?
  2. And this was on 2 different keyboards? USB or PS2?
  3. I tried both formats to narrow it down. Both formats, and different usb ports have the same problems. I checked windows accessibility and after all of it decided I needed a priest to exorcise this demon, haha. This has been my weirdest build yet. After I posted this problem I now have my 234567 number keys and f1-f4. This problem definately is beyond me.
  4. Sounds like an issue with the keyboard controller on the mobo, think I would return it for a new've pretty much excluded everything else!
  5. I'm stuck with the mobo since the return time frame is up. I wanted to cover my bases before I posted here. I've had odd little issues with my motherboard but this is one of those things I can live with unless someone can come up with something lol.
  6. check in the bios that the keyboard set up is for your language and that usb ports are set to use old device (legacy) sp. devices.
  7. As I understand it having a USB keyboard and running in Windows your computer would not be using any motherboard keyboard controllers. Try booting into Windows with the PS2 keyboard plugged in. Once booted then plug in the USB one and see if you can type properly.

    Also make sure you have the right keyboard configured in Control Panel regional settings.
  8. what is the make and model of the keyboard is it covered in "multimedia keys" or is it a bog standard keyboard.
    Also the bios settings are important make sure you default the bios then look for USB/keyboard settings.
  9. If it's a USB keyboard, it won't go through a keyboard controller, just the USB controller. Also, if it happens before windows is installed, it can't be a windows setting!

    I'm stumped, I think (as has been suggested) it could be a mobo issue. USB IO or something. do you know if you have any USB ports that run off a different controller? what mobo is it?
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