CCC/ATi Mobility Radeon HD3400 Driver For Windows 7 x64

okay so here's the problem, my bro just got his laptop repaired in some of the store I don't know where it is but probably the store persuade him to upgrade his OS (he's just there to replace his missing button on his notebook such 'E' button). Suddenly I got told by him that his warcraft III screen is not full screen, this is a problem with ATi video driver or to be precise with Catalyst Control Center.

But after a long search in google and installing this and there and from ATi websites, there is no CCC shown in the taskbar although the installation is success with nothing wrong. I'm sure about this because my HP notebook just got this problem from the very first time I got it. Oh btw my bro notebook is Toshiba Satellite M300.

So anyone got CCC installation for ATi HD3400 mobile that match in windows 7 x64?
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  1. If you download it direct form AMD that would be the best.
  2. not for a laptop, you're best going to the manufacturer's website.
  3. You'll need the full model, but get them from here:
  4. I agree.
    To be safe:
    - REMOVE any current AMD drivers
    - INSTALL the ones for Windows 7 from the update sight for YOUR laptop specifically

    NEVER use the ones from AMD directly because some modifications may have been done for your laptop. In some cases it might screw things up or not even work.

    re:Warcraft III not full screen.

    It sounds like this is caused by two things together:
    1) the AMD video drivers are not set to scale the video to fit the screen (don't use stretch, scale by aspect)

    2) the game is set to a LOWER screen resolution than the screen supports

    *If you can find the feature "enable GPU scaling" on a laptop, use that. Propbably under "my digital flatpanels" in CCC (once you find it).

    **CCC is also under START->All Programs->"catalyst control center"
  5. I'm gonna try that once I'm at home, yes this problem already happen moer than once in my life and setting the aspect ration and remove black border works for me at least in my HP notebook, I'll try to remove the "default" driver that comes within windwos 7 and I'll let you guys know.
  6. Ok problem solved from editing regedit entry of WC3, so far other games is Ok so I assume the problem is solved then.
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