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We're planning to ope a coffee house for teens at my church. We want the internet to be accessible to them but want to restrict what sites they can access so homework, games, etc. can be accessed but not the stuff rated for violent, rrisky behaviors. How can we do this? We also want to protect church files as well. Pastor Joyce
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  1. Hello Padre and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    You can restrict sites you don't want the youngsters to go to in the router's firewall settings but set a strong router access password or they'll soon find a way of overriding your changes. It's probably easier to use the Content Adviser in Internet Explorer than try to anticipate all the places they might want to go but again, set a strong password.

    As for keeping the Internet separate from the Church network, it's best to set the latter up as a sub-network. More details available if you need them

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