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Hi. Im triying to make a hard disk image of a system running windows Xp with Norton Ghost, (the last version).
I have to copy this image to several computers with identical hardware configuracion, but when I try to boot with one of this computers the system hangs in "welcome to windows"...
Please help
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  1. I am not sure how you are doing this but if you are ghosting from one hard disk to another,
    you have to disconnect one of them after you copy or Windows won't boot.

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  2. Mine didn't work on machines from later shipment with newer BIOS version, the rest was absolutely idenical (except the brand of CD-ROMs). Always kept both HDDs on separate controllers (channels) as masters during the ghost procedure.
  3. There are several reasons why the system might hang at the logon. Windows NT/2k/XP uses several unique ID's that are created during installiation like the Security Identifier or SID. 2 systems cannot use the same SID. Personally, I use PowerQuest's DriveImage PRO which has a tool called PQPrep that you can use to remove any confilcts with these unique identifiers when cloning and deploying to multiple systems. You might want to check Symantec's site and see if they have anything similar for Ghost.
  4. Thank You all. Im currently using Drive Wizard and I think it is working...
    Again, Thanks
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