How to Shield an LCD inverter?

I am making a DIY case for a small LCD touch screen and I want to put the inverter and the controllers behind the LCD screen. I need as thin a confidguration as possible. I found a metal shielding from a different LCD that fits the back of my screen perfectly, so now the entire LCD is shielded with a metal backing.

I am mounting the inverter, controllers on plexiglass that will be the back wall of my LCD case. How close can the inverter be to the metal shielding? Do I need any kind of minimum separation? I had heard once about arcing from the inverter if there is metal close.

Should I mount the inverter upside down, so that the bottom is facing towards the metal shielding? If I need shielding, what kind of material should I use - a plexiglass "garage"?

I'm trying to finish this up and appreciate your help. Thanks
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  1. Fiberglass circuit board material or .025" polycarbonate are good insulators, and polycarbonate is very easy to cut with scissors or tin snips and fold.
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