Exposing a USB Hard drive attached to a router within a sub-network


I recently purchased the Belkin PLAY N600 router to create a private network for my home theatre setup.

I have a primary home network 192.168.0.x (NetGear) which I use for all my computing needs. I extended a network cable to my Home theatre area and plugged in the N600 router. After this, I attached a USB external hard drive to the router and it works great. I can see it from the 192.168.2.x home theatre network (Belkin).

I would like to expose the USB hard drive hooked to the Belkin Router to my primary network so that I can copy over my music and pictures without having to physically move the hard driveonto a PC connected to the primary domain.

The Belkin router has a DMZ function which exposes an IP on its internal (192.168.2.x)network to the external ( network.

Is it feasible to expose the USB drive to my primary home network?

Thank you!
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  1. Depends if you can map a device that is connected directly to the router to a IP. If this was a network storage device it would work. In this case you are trying to put the router itself in the DMZ.

    Unless you have a security concern in your house I would connect the cable to your new routers LAN port rather than the WAN and disable DHCP or put the router in bridge mode. This would make you new router a wireless switch and all your IP would be on the 192.168.0.x net.
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