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I installed TightVNC on a PC running Windows Server 2003
I used the default ports for everything, and manually opened them on my router.
I have web access enabled.
When i try to access my server, i type in my address, followed by the port. It prompts for my password, i enter it, and a blank java window opens saying 'VNC: SERVER-NAME'.
Nothing else happens
Java is up to date. I've tried access it on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera

Any Ideas on how to get this to work would be appreciated thanks.
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  1. Have you verified it works using the local IP? I'm wondering if maybe it's being blocked for security reasons when accessing via the public IP.
  2. i can't access it from inside the network
    outside of the network it doesn't recognize my ip address @ all, it just times out (i find out what my home's ip is from opendns)
  3. If it doesn't work from inside your network, it's pointless trying to use it from outside your network until it does (it’s not going to get any better).

    And btw, most routers don't let you access services on the public IP while inside the local network. You literally need to be outside the local network, perhaps on a cellular network, open wifi cafe, etc.
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