Fresh install - NTLDR is missing

Hi All,

First off I’d like to thanks those who have any kind of input here at all.

The problem:-

I have been trying to install widows 7 (by both CD and external Hard Drive) and have been receiving the NTLDR is missing error message.

I currently have two internal hard drives one has Windows Server 2003 installed, the Second HAD windows 7 installed.
I have been creating a windows 7 install disk that I have customised with apps and other bits and bobs.
So yesterday I decided it was time to reinstall my OS (windows 7).
I booted into my 2003 install and formatted the whole of the drive that had Windows 7 installed (both quick and full formats)
I then did also formatted my external hard drive and extracted the contents of my customised .ISO to the root of the newly formatted external drive.

When selecting too boot from this external hard drive I receive NTLDR is missing - Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart

I have tried several customised .ISO's (previously had worked more than once) and received the same error message.
I have also tried the original CD to no avail, again the same error messages are shown.
I have formatted over and over.

I have tried to install with and without the second hard drive plugged in (containing Server 2003)

I don’t often get lost with install error message thanks to Google but this one escapes me.

One thing I am 100% certain on is that the CD image is 100% working.

Thanks again,


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