Best powerline adapter for PC gaming?

Hello everybody,

I've decided to move my gaming computer to my bedroom, due to people taking over where my computer used to be. That is the only room with an ethernet cable plugin. I can't play there because I hate people watching me play a game, anyways, back to the issue.

I can't use wireless because there's pipes and such blocking the way to the router, so I've decided to use powerline adapting. All I need is a few links to a great powerline adapter, for gaming, MMORPGs to be exact, and some other links to back up the powerline adapter to tell why its a good one.

All the help would be appreciated, thanks guys. :)
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  1. I'm not aware of certain powerline adapters being better for gaming vs. any other activities. But in general, when it comes to powerline, the higher the rating, the better. It’s one of those technologies that always seems to show significant improvement w/ each new generation (faster, more reliable, more tolerant of line noise, etc). If I was buying today, I'd consider only 500Mbps or better powerline adapters.
  2. Yeah, I am looking at 500+ mb/s powerline adapters, but I dont know which exact one I should get. :\
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    If you search Amazon for "powerline 500", you'll see lots of them, and most are highly rated. So I'm not sure it matters all that much. Just go through the reviews and make sure there isn't a known "problem child" among them.

    FWIW, Netgear has developed a pretty good reputation when it comes to this technology (and perhaps why they tend to be on the higher end of the price scale).

    Truth is, there’s still enough variation in home wiring that no one product is guaranteed to work well in all circumstances, if at all. With powerline, it’s ALWAYS a roll of the dice. That’s why it *might* be better to purchase locally so it’s easier to return if it doesn’t work for you.
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  5. Thank you! :)
  6. The TP-LINK TL-PA511kit powerline works great it got both 500MBPS and gigabit support step one plug it in than connect one two your modem using a ethernet wire with gigabit for max speed and performance. step two take the second take the other one it kit came with plug it next to one which is plugged into the modem push the sync button on the one plugged into the modem than push the sync button on the other unit once they paired to one another or synced to each other you can unplug it and connect and plug it in and connect it to your device. the unit which is linked to the unit can be paired or synced up to 9 of these. the speed you will get will get from it won't be faster or higher than what your provider is giving you. what it does is simple it the unit which is plugged into your device will send a signal into your electric wearing and send the unit which is connected to modem what website and so fourth and will send it to the unit which is plugged into your device the same way throw the electric wiring so they talk to each other throw the electric wiring in your home. hear is a good tip when you by powerline devices be sure to get a extended warranty because you never know.
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