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I have an HP Compaq 2510p laptop which I rebuilt with Windows XP at work, and for some reason, any internal wireless card i install doesn't pick up a signal. The driver is installed properly, and device manager shows it as being functioning, but when i go into view available connections, it says none found. I have tried 2 separate cards, with the same issue. Now i did try an external USB wireless card, and that works fine, but nothing internal will. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks
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  1. are the two internal network cards you tried the original cards that came with the laptop?
  2. The 2nd one came out of another 2510p, and the original is from the machine itself, but yes, these are all what the computer ships with new.
  3. it might be a dumb question but did you enable the wireless via switch and/or FN+Function key?
  4. Yes, there's a touch panel at the top of the computer which enables the wireless on and off, and it is set to on since it glows blue.
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